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Whatever the world throws my way

So. Introductions are in order.

Hello. I’m Dave O’Neill, a near twenty five year old guy living in Dublin, Ireland (for the foreseeable future). I’m a journalism graduate, and I work as a production assistant and researcher for Ireland AM, TV3’s breakfast television show, with a sideline in running a fresh produce concession in Dunnes Stores, in Rathmines, just outside Dublin’s city center. It pays well.

I’m a single guy, and much like my previous, aborted attempt at running a blog, I’m going to use this output to examine why I’m nearly 25 and still single, in one of the most populated cities in Europe, examining both my attitudes towards women, people in general, and my previous girlfriend (singular), a subject that weighs heavy on my mind daily.

I’ll also use this as a forum to discuss comics, pro-wrestling, movies, and anything else that comes across my lap. Like Grey’s Anatomy. That’s a Miranda Baily quote up above. There’s more where that came from. Oh, and Girls Aloud. I like Girls Aloud

You can find me at

the bizarrely popular social networking site I swore I’d never get addicted to.

More Later, as I say.


One Response to “So. Introductions are in order.”

  1. hey, looking good Dave.

    and you have inspired me to do a WordPress page too!

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