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The deterioration of the flight or fight response

As a single man whose long term relationship failed when she, my ex-girlfriend, walked away, it’s kinda sad and amusing, all at once, to watch Cheryl and Ashley Cole’s marriage disintegrate in a public forum – especially when they are as famous as them two.

Put it this way – on my previous blog, I posted a picture of them and called them “a pair of twats”. And they are. Cheryl Tweedy – who is MY AGE!, should, by all accounts, have the world at her feet. Ashely Cole may be a complete moron, not to mention a cheating bastard, but he’s an incredibly talented footballer who’s worth a great deal to Chelsea, and presumably, he’ll be in South Africa in two years time.

That said, it’s kind of refreshing to see they just as screwed up as me and my ex. Make no bones about it – he cheated on her – with a HAIRDRESSER!, and she deserves to kick him in the nuts and withhold sex until the next millennium. However – after being put in the exact same position, I’m a little narked at her for walking away. Because that’s what my ex did to me. She walked away.

Now, in fairness, to his credit, Cole has apparently done the running and begged her to come back – which I didn’t, and lets face it, I was wrong to. But it’s flight or fight. Is it easier to give up on something over something major, or fight to save yourself after the minor things.

My relationship failed because I stopped caring. I just gave up. Ashley Cole is a stronger person – maybe Cheryl should think about giving him a second chance.

But definitely withhold the sex for a while. More later.


One Response to “The deterioration of the flight or fight response”

  1. Good stuff mate, well put.

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