Sniktety Snikt!: Here Comes The Stabbin’.
Whatever the world throws my way

My flying metal pajamas of death

If a comic book publisher can put out a better single issue of a book this year – I’ll be staggered.


2 Responses to “My flying metal pajamas of death”

  1. Solid issue, definitely. I need to get around to reading that run of Excalibur I picked up, as I think knowing a bit more about the 616 version will make me enjoy Ultimate Pete Wisdom more. Like the blog, but as a word of friendly advice, don’t obsess too much about a failed relationship. To this day I still bore the hell out of my friends when I get drunk by droning on and on about the one that got away. No good can come of it. Anyway, take it easy.

  2. Wow…I don’t doubt it’s good, but best of the year? In February, no less?

    That’s a bold statement, Dave.

    (Great blog–write more!)

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