Sniktety Snikt!: Here Comes The Stabbin’.
Whatever the world throws my way

Comic Haulage 20/2

Ultimate Human, (2/4).

As I’ve already stated my love of this….I can’t for the life of me think why Ellis wasn’t given a shot at revitalizing the entire Ultimate Universe by himself, or at the very least, the presumably inevitable solo-Ultimate Hulk miniseries. We’ll ignore the fact that it took me this long to figure out that Human is actually a dead witty portmanteau of Hulk and (iron) Man, and focus entirely on Stark calling the Iron Man suit “the flying metal pajamas of death”. Furthermore, Ellis’ reinterpretation of both the Leader, and Peter Wisdom, is downright brilliant, chilling, and the most creative thing I’ve seen in the imprint in a long time. Jeph Loeb ought to take notes

The Order, (8/10)

I could bitch and piss and moan about the book hitting it’s creative stride, AFTER the cancellation notice, but that would be quite redundant, as Fraction takes the book, and turns it into an elaborate prequel for his Iron Man book. That’s creative license for you. The book itself is fine – although if you wern’t aware of May’s solicits, then the reveal of the villain would be a head scratcher. For the record – the reveal of Mulholland’s abilities is a classice Marvel double edged sword – one group of fans will kvetch about “another” mutant getting their powers back by a Deus Ex Machina – the other will just piss about the idea of “another” mutant faffing about.

Immortal Iron Fist: Orson Randall & The Green Mist Of Death

Didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would, which seems about right for Fraction’s batting average. The problem with creating this huge backstory for these new characters is exactly that – they’re new characters, and all the Russ Heath art in the world isn’t going to mae me care about the Confederates Of The Curious.

Cool name though.

Runaways 29 (5/6?)

This on the other hand, was a bit of a revelation – an issue of this where I was able to tell what was going on without reading the previous issues. Too bad it’s the penultimate issue – and Whedon introducing this “stay with me/come with us” horseshit is an obvious red herring, because he has too much respect for BKV and Terry Moore to go on shaking the apple cart now. However, I think once the final issue hits, everyone will just step back and try and forget it ever happened.

Next week, Dan Dare, Criminal and Mark Millar and John Romita debut Kick Ass. And the first Diggle Hellblazer trade, if I can find it.


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