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Whatever the world throws my way

Comic Haulage 27/2

Kick Ass 1.

So, I’m a big fan of Millars work. Not the biggest, not to the point of, say….Ellis, where, bar Excalibur, I have at least read, everything he’s put down on paper – but I’d support and follow his work.

And, I’ve read enough to figure something out.

Chosen, for example, is the most obvious – a kid learns he’s something more, and the book is about his change. Wanted has a similar undercurrent, although Wesley is obviously older. In Red Son, you could argue that Superman only really grows up when he takes control of Russia. Hell, I’d go so far as to say Ultimates is about a group of people who grow into becoming heroes.

Kick-ASS turns this theme on its head by having a kid who refuses wait, and takes the grown-up thing to HIM – and the dangers within. It’s quite fascinating actually

It’s also quite a brilliant book.

Dan Dare 3.

In which Ennis turns The Mekon into the Dominion, a major character buys the farm,  and everything is DOOMED. After only three issues. I remain somewhat underwhelmed, but then again, I have a copy of the Fury trade nearby, and Ennis has a character called Fuckface. I have difficulty relating the two.

X-Men: Legacy 208 (a purely honorable number, given that its as near to a new book as possible – and I suspect they just couldn’t be bothered launching ANOTHER new book, at the expense of the Jim Lee one)

So, post Messiah Complex, and after X-Force, Uncanny, X-Factor and an issue of Wolverine, it’s left to Mike Carey to deal with, you know, Xavier being dead. No, wait, he’s not dead – Exodus’ crew and a MAJOR SURPRISE. have him and are trying to put his brain back together after Bishop shot him. Where’s Bishop, who cares. John Romita Jr. does flashback(?) art and it looks quite fantastic. I was on the fence for a while but Carey’s work on the book has been exemplary so far, so I’ll keep going for a while.

Criminal, Vol.2

If you need a part time blogger to recommend friggin CRIMINAL to you, you’re clearly eading the wrong reviews. Just fantastic stuff.

Next week – Duane Swiercynski and Ariel Olivetti attempt a Cable re-launch, and X-Factor and Uncanny X-Men continue their post-Messiah Complex stories. And The Boys.


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