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Nicola Roberts vs. Maria Kanelis. Where beating someone over the head with an airbrush works and fails.

So, the Maria issue of Playboy was unveiled last night, to a rousing chorus of……meh?

The thing is, Maria became an object of desire (if that’s even the right word) because she’s a clueless naive sweetheart who reacts as honestly as she can to the bizarre crap that goes on around her. Lying ass naked on a couch wearing a metal corset belt – you’re under the distinct impression that she’s not as innocent as you think or want. Still, if you told me a year ago that I could see her cooch, I’d be pretty happy, and I am – especially after the Ashley Massaro and Christy Hemme fiascos.

With Christy, it was blindingly obvious that someone was using the Airbrush way, WAY too much – to the overall detriment of the photos. Also they did her up as some sort of 30’s movie star and it failed. I haven’t seen the Ashley photos but I’m pretty sure she looks no better than she does now. I’d hope at the very least they’d take that crap out of her face.

Anyway, this whole thing comes in the wake of Nicola Roberts admitting she “feels like the ugly one” in Girls Aloud. Now, I hang out with guys, and we talk about Girls Aloud, and invariably there’s a paper bag joke in there – which certainly isn’t fair. Her hair doesn’t work with her complexion – which is just too pale, and she made some questionable make-up choices – but thats it. Better than Sarah Harding at any rate.

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