Sniktety Snikt!: Here Comes The Stabbin’.
Whatever the world throws my way

There is a mountain of comics that I haven’t reviewed.

Captain America 34.

Yay for awesome comics with Winter Soldier becoming Captain America. It’s actually the Directors Cut – but the script makes it that much more awesome. By the way – feelings on the new suit

-Alex Ross Bad

-Steve Epting Good.

Doctor Who, 1 &2

Hey, that rhymes. And, while I know stuff about what happened behind the scenes – at this point it is appropriate to say “At this point, it’s more like Doctor Why Bother”

Ultimate Human 3

Ellis should write Queen and Country. Awesome stuff that virtually ignores Stark, Banner and The PLOT and gives us an issue of Pete Wisdom, The Leader

Dan Dare 5

I know the book has it’s detractors, and the entire cast is Ennis stock – but, you know something – the stock works when you do it right.

X-Factor 29

And I’m done at the end of this arc. I am not interested in Larry Stroman, no Layla Millar, Deadshot, friggin Arcade and a crossover with She Hulk.

Thunderbolts 119

Ellis Gone I go.

Uncanny X-Men 496.

Now this I liked. I’ll be sad to see Choi going, and it is an obvious set up for the new Status Quo, but hey, Brubaker bringing The Red Room. Can’t go wrong with that.

Fantastic Four 555 & 556

This is I just don’t get. All the pieces are there – but I have ZERO connection, emotional or otherwise, to the book. Maybe it’s just me and I find the concept laughable but I just can’t get into it – and I soooo wanted to.

CABLE 1 & 2

This, on the other hand, I sorta dug, even if it is as slow as molasses and I really should hate Olivetti’s art. What can I say – I’m willing to give the new guy a shot.

Iron Fist 13.

And I intend on giving him a shot on this too. But by god is this a fantastic book. If Matt Fraction wrote nothing else for Marvel, and I intend on checking out Iron Man – the final page is the pinnacle of bad-ass comics.


Everyone who didn’t support this book should die a sorry death until their eyeballs falls out.

X-Men Legacy 209

Um……what the hell is going on…..shouldn’t Xavier be a vegetable? Is Magneto with Exodus…..Carey’s using words like Flatscan..

I’m freaked out, but I’ll continue reading….for the time being.


Emma Frost better not be a skrull. Other than that it’s open season, I guess. I dug the hell out of this, compared to the dull openers of Civil War and House Of M.

Amazing Spiderman 555 & 556

Dear Marvel.

Please make Zeb Wells and Chris Bachalo the permanent creative team on this book, and I will forgive you hiring Guggenheim and Slott. That is all.
I mean, seriously – and I used to hate BOTH of them.

Criminal, Vol. 2, 2

Standard Criminal Review – If you need me to recommend Criminal – you’re not reading enough Criminal.

Kick-Ass 2

Huh. Much like Fantastic Four – I fail to see the actual point- but I certainly have an emotional connection to it. The book is just funny as all hell, but utterly realistic. Lets face it – you probably would youtube him.

The Boys 16 & 17.



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