Sniktety Snikt!: Here Comes The Stabbin’.
Whatever the world throws my way


So, I’ve been struck down with Bell’s Palsy, which I really should write about, but for now, here’s some comics.

Uncanny X-Men 497

LOVED IT. Love the goofy cover and Cyclops’ bizarre costume. Love the Red Room’s Sentinels. And that last page? How could I ever have doubted Edwin Brubaker on this book. Here’s a guy who is thinking five steps ahead of everyone else at all times. Brilliant Stuff.

Young Avengers Presents: Jonas The Vision

Yay for Paul Cornell getting more Marvel work. Everyone’s favourite toaster has a crush on Cassie Lang. And decides to act on it. Thats it. An issue of Vision and Stature pouring their hearts out to each other. And fighting AIM while his hand is embedded in her chest. Thats an idea so goofy they should use it on Doctor Who. Not crazy about Mark Brooks’ art though, but I’ve never been really enthused by it.


Ok, thats it. I don’t care what he drops – I want Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev doing a Nick Fury book. And it will sell by the planeload. Because I’d buy them all. AM is PERFECT for the story – which doesn’t even have the Avengers in it – its Nick Fury: From Secret War to Secret Invasion, AND ITS FANTASTIC. With a fantastic final double spread that blows open the entire Marvel Universe. Probably even better than Secret Invasion itself.


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