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More Comics

Keeps my mind off the eyedrops and steroids, at any rate.

X-Men Legacy, 210.

Or Charles Xavier’s goofy Road Trip book, as it should become known as. I finally figured out what was going on, and I’m actually beginning to dig the book. Although I nearly broke down when I saw that we’re going right back to Rogue aswell. Fuck sake – the chick is useless. Great Greg Land art aswell, which isn’t a sentence you’d hear a lot. Maybe he gets away with it because its all flashback work.

The ORDER Finale

I think the saddest thing about the demise of the book is that it’s once again proved that an aspect of fans out there just can’t handle the idea of heroes being imperfect. This book could have run for years, and its failed, essentially at the first hurdle, and seeing what Slott has done with Ant-Man, I’m not keen on the idea of folding them into the Initiative. Oh well. Zeke Stane, on the other hand, is the best heel Marvel have had in years. YEARS.


Tony Headbutts Banner. Banner explodes. Cary Nord draws this exactly as you’d think. It’s awesome. I love Warren Ellis and will do so until the end of time because he writes this stuff. Perfect. I’m buying the trade aswell.

The New AvengerSKRULLS 40.

An entire issue, of Skrull backstory, basically how they got from the end of the Illuminati trade to…where we are now. Nearly. Bendis makes the first mis-step of this epic with a final page reveal that comes off as head-explodingly stupid, instead of “Huh…..wha”. If it had been any other character except ..her, I would have said…huh….that works, I guess – but because this one is already up to her eyeballs in screwing people over, it just doesn’t work out the way they wanted.


I’m really in too minds about this whole arc, but it paid off in the end. I think Fraction spent way too long introducing way too many characters and my head just began to melt. Thankfully, right at the end, we go right back to you know, fighting, and it works. This is what the book should be, and the twist at the end is a good enough direction for Sweircynski to go off onto. (is this Fraction’s last issue??)



In the future, Matt Fraction will write Thor and it’ll be awesome. None of the yapping thats killing JMS’ work, this is Thor. Fighting Frost Giants. And Loki being an ass. This is a proper Thor book and I LIKE IT.


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