Sniktety Snikt!: Here Comes The Stabbin’.
Whatever the world throws my way

Far be it from me to call someone else out on being a blithering incompetent

But watching Michael Sophocles get publicly executed on the Apprentice was perversely entertaining,  even if the real highlight of the show was watching Lucinda trying to hawk a Zonda. While in front of the Aston Martin. Furthermore, Sophocles then went on “You’re Fired”, and, of course came off as intelligent, likable and well meaning (like Jennifer). He’s a smart guy, and if I had to guess, will probably be the one to get the Ruth Badger tv career afterwards. He was sort of helped by having, you know, Ruth Badger be one of the panelists. I dread to think what Alvin Hall would have said about him.

And Trevor Nelson…really? Seriously, was Alvin sick or something.

Anyway, if I had to guess – Helene or Alex next week. On that note – judicious editing or not – I only realised this week I had no idea Helene was still in the show, which shows just how bloody useless she is.  It’s looking like a Lee/Claire final.  Probably. I’m usually wrong about these things.


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