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My OTHER favourite store in the entire world to close

Granted, you could probably see this a mile away, given that CD sales have plummeted in recent years, but this sucks. Last time I checked, HMV and Tower had gone aswell…whats left in NYC??? To be honest, I always thought the Union Square branch was….soulless.

But, let me tell you about Virgin in Times Square. Back in 2003, me and Stephen went over to NYC. Our luggage didn’t arrive with us… We had gone for a walk..mainly to get breakfast, and we turned it into an extended one, and ended up in Times Square. And I was pissed off. I had to buy socks aswell. But anyway, looking for….something to do, we went into Virgin. And the air conditioning played, Stereophonics Madame Helga was on the stereo….and I just knew we would be ok. Its probably the moment that I fell utterly in love with New York. I knew it would take care of me.

There’s been other moments aswell, me and Paul searching through endless racks of French pop. Me and Phil Cuffe cursing not being able to buy the Region 1 boxes of Resevoir Dogs…

Come to think of it….why didn’t I buy that Juno screenplay?


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