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Well, that explains everything

February 25, 2008 Given my hopeless sleep patterns, the explanation of the “sleep jerk”, which I am very familiar with, goes a long way to making sure I get a decent kip tonight Advertisements

The deterioration of the flight or fight response

February 22, 2008

As a single man whose long term relationship failed when she, my ex-girlfriend, walked away, it’s kinda sad and amusing, all at once, to watch Cheryl and Ashley Cole’s marriage disintegrate in a public forum – especially when they are as famous as them two. Put it this way – on my previous blog, I […]

So. Introductions are in order.

February 20, 2008

Hello. I’m Dave O’Neill, a near twenty five year old guy living in Dublin, Ireland (for the foreseeable future). I’m a journalism graduate, and I work as a production assistant and researcher for Ireland AM, TV3’s breakfast television show, with a sideline in running a fresh produce concession in Dunnes Stores, in Rathmines, just outside […]